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How to get that job you really want

Here are our tips.

Know What You are Great At

No matter what age you are or what your job experience you need to know what you do well and what you are great at, because this is where you will shine. List four of your top traits. Focus on these traits on your resume and during the interview. In fact, this is the best kept secret when it comes to how to get the job at an interview.

Find the Right Fit

Look for companies that are a good match for your skills, experience, and even your personality. Finding a job you love begins with targeting companies you would love to work for.

How do You Stand Out in a Crowd?

These days every position has a number of qualified applicants. You need to be able to brand yourself so that you stand out among the other applicants. What differentiates you from them? Find your uniqueness and use that to go get the job you want. Remember your resume is your full page ad so use it wisely.

Did I Get the Job?

You landed the interview now the next question you're asking yourself is "Did I get the job?" If you find the answer is no, look to your interview to find how where things may have gone wrong.
  • Were you dressed appropriately and were you dressed age appropriately?
  • Did your energy match the position? Did you discuss outcomes?
  • Did your experience shine?
  • Dissect the job description line by line and make notes of where you think went well and where you think it may have fallen apart.

Follow Up Within Three Days

Many job seekers neglect to follow up after the interview. When the hiring manager is having a tough time deciding between two candidates this little trick can make the job land in your lap rather than in the other party's lap. Leave a voice mail or drop an email within three days. Within a week send a thank you through snail mail.

Set Your Goals

Be positive and proactive about your job search procedure. Establish goals, and make sure you a lot enough time every week to both search and apply for jobs. Searching for a job can be exhausting, and if you don't hear anything quickly you can become discouraged. By having your goals and a plan of attack you'll feel more in control.