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TheCVsite Help Section

How can TheCVsite help me?
Our CV writers will ensure that your written CV is grammatically first class and will insert the key words and power phrases that recruiters are scanning the document for. We will layout the CV in a modern, fresh way, in an order that HR professionals and recruiters recognise. We will also highlight your key achievements, skill sets and aspirations whilst succinctly detailing how you are going to add value to their business.
Why do I need TheCVsite to write my CV? I know my achievements, I'm good and I am capable of writing my own CV.
YES you are good, so why aren't you getting the interviews? Whether you are a graduate who wants to enter the workplace, a middle manager wanting to make that leap or someone who wants to embark on a completely new career, now is about the hardest time in living memory for job seekers to get that foot in the door. Recruiters will look at most CVs for a maximum of 30 seconds so it is essential that they see what they are looking for right away. We will maximise your potential by creating a bespoke, eye-catching and highly professional CV that will highlight your achievements, focus on your qualities, skills and aspirations, harnessing them into a compelling document which will make recruiters take notice and get your foot in the door. TheCVsite is so convinced that you will get an interview that in some cases we offer a money back guarantee.
What is the difference between a rewrite and a reformat?
A reformat adapts layout, fonts, spacing and creating a neat template for you to use as many times as required. A rewrite helps you achieve not only a professional template but also the understanding of what you should be trying to achieve with your CV. We take the information from your CV and redesign the layout in a modern, fresh way. We would prompt you to include any information that we felt necessary for your industry by giving you the heading and space to complete. At TheCVsite we email all our finished CVs in word format making it easy for you to make any tweaks necessary on an ongoing basis.
How long will a rewrite take?
A rewrite can take anywhere from 3-5 days to complete, depending on what package you opt for (speak to our sales team to talk about our express service). Great jobs are being advertised every day, so that's why we have 50 expert writers to hand so we can guarantee you will have a professional CV to send to recruiters when you need it.
Will my CV writer have experience within my Industry?
At TheCVsite our writers come from a broad range of backgrounds, including HR, recruitment and marketing, and through their work experience they have become expert at identifying what is needed for each sector. If you opt for a consultation we will discuss your skills and objectives in great detail. This will aid us in creating a bespoke document that is tailored to the market that you are aiming for. If you would like to discuss our writers experience please do get in contact.
Will I get an opportunity to see my CV before accepting a final draft?
With all of our professional rewriting packages our writers will always send you a draft of the CV to review before it is finalised. This gives you a chance to make any additions or alterations you think necessary. We will not finalise the document until you are completely satisfied with your CV.
In what format will my CV be returned to me?
Our finished CVs for all our packages are emailed back in word format making it easy for you to make any adjustments to suit your job applications. If you prefer we can send it to you in PDF.
Can I send you any more information other than my CV?
All additional information that you provide will help you achieve a winning CV. This could include details of a specific job application or more detailed listings of achievements. Please contact our sales team for personal advice when ordering your package.
Can you rewrite my CV without a consultation?
Our writers know exactly what information is necessary and this makes it easy for them to do your rewrite according to the specifics of your chosen industry. At TheCVsite we understand what is relevant and what is not needed and this is easily achieved when we have the vital information from your original CV.
Will you add to my CV at a later date?
Your experience and skills can change from one day to the next. Ongoing CV updates for a limited time are included in our more senior packages. Or you can choose this as an added extra. Our sales team will be happy to advise.
Can you recommend where to send my finished CV?
TheCVsite recommend registering your fantastic new CV at , , or if you are looking for work in London try
What outcome can I expect from using TheCVsite?
At TheCVsite we are so confident that our services WILL get you the interviews you want that in many cases we offer an unbeatable money back guarantee (see terms for details). So don't delay get in touch email us now at and please check out our testimonials page to give you confidence that TheCVsite will Write Your Career Today.
Could you create my CV specifically for a job I am applying for?
Yes we can and we can often cater for many different types of custom CV writing packages. For more information please speak with a member of our sales team on 0845 0941977.

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