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The Executive Package
(Professional / Managers)

£129.95 £109.95
The executive package...

Maybe you've known for a while now that your current role isn't for you. Or perhaps you've been made redundant and now you're being forced into change. Or perhaps you've been out of the workplace caring for children for a number of years. There is a high chance that you don't have the direct or up to date experience for your new career choice so our team of industry experts will pinpoint your achievements to date and demonstrate exactly how easily transferable your skills are. Your new CV will demonstrate your ambition and motivation so that recruiters will want to invite you for interview.
Are you looking to make the next step up the corporate ladder, that leap to management. There are so many applicants vying for those sought after managerial roles so what is going to distinguish you from the rest? It can feel like hitting a brick wall trying to put into writing what it is that you know that you do so well. Your CV is your very own sales tool, the best thing you have at your disposal to get those interviews. Our super experienced industry insiders will prepare a powerful, relevant CV that will give you advantage over the competition by highlighting your achievements to date, outlining your core skills and detailing how you will add value to the business.

We will use current keywords to create a unique document that pitches you at a right level taking into careful consideration your salary expectations and aspirations ensuring you get the interviews that lead to your future career.

Who is it for?
  • Individuals who are looking to gain a competitive advantage when applying for a job or even a promotion.
What is included?
  • Initial telephone consultation with our industry experts
  • Professionally written CV
  • Customised cover letter
  • Tips for interview document
  • E-book
  • Unlimited revisions to your CV during the CV writing process
Standard package
Suitable for Graduates & School Leavers
£49.95 £39.95
Professional package
Suitable for (Professionals 4+ Years Work Experience)
£89.95 £69.95
Executive package
Suitable for (Professional / Managers)
£129.95 £109.95
Prestige package
Suitable for (Executives & Directors)
£169.95 £149.95